Palisade Capital Management, LLC

Fort Lee, NJ

Founded in


Firm assets under management

$3.8 billion*

Investment Professionals


Funds Managed:

1290 Convertible Securities Fund

About Palisade Capital Management

  • Boutique Asset Management Firm: Founded 25 years ago, Palisade has built a business developing and managing specialized investment strategies for both institutions and individuals. Four of the 25 largest corporate retirement plans and one of the five largest U.S. public retirement plans** are on Palisade's client roster.
  • Research Driven Firm: We are fundamental investors with a long heritage of actively managing investments across various asset classes. We seek to generate alpha and competitive, risk-adjusted returns through a research-intensive methodology. Our disciplined investment process is based on rigorous, bottom-up, fundamental company analysis that drives a conviction-weighted approach to portfolio construction.
  • Dedicated investor in the convertible securities market: Palisade has been managing convertible securities since 1995. Our expertise is extensive, and our focus is direct - with an average of 20 years investing experience among the professionals on the team.
  • Firm with an adherence to risk management: Palisade has implemented comprehensive infrastructure with risk management and compliance expertise rarely seen in boutique firms. Our strong “culture of compliance” permeates all aspects of Palisade and our independent risk management team is fully integrated into the investment process. We continuously measure, monitor, and analyze client portfolios to ensure that the investment process is consistent, repeatable, effective, and aligned with strategy mandates.

* AUM and Investment Professionals as of 12/31/2019
** Source: P&I 1,000 largest retirement plans: 2019. Pensions & Investments, February 4, 2019. Data as of September 30, 2018.