DoubleLine® Capital LP

Los Angeles, CA

Founded in


Firm assets under management

$136 billion*

Investment Professionals


Fund Managed:

1290 DoubleLine Dynamic Allocation Fund

DoubleLine is an independent, employee-owned money management firm founded in 2009. The firm offers a wide array of investment strategies run by an experienced team of portfolio managers that has worked together for many years, employing active risk management, in-depth research, and innovative product solutions.

The firm's goal is to expand its footprint within the investment community, while continuing to offer products within its core competencies. The firm's core competencies are within the following asset classes:

  • Multi-Sector Fixed Income Asset Allocation;
  • Mortgage-Backed Securities;
  • Emerging Markets Fixed Income;
  • Global Developed Credit;
  • U.S. Government;
  • U.S. Equities; and
  • Commodities.

*Firm AUM and investment professionals as of 12/31/2020