Brandywine Global Investment Management, LLC

Founded in


Firm AUM

$65.9 billion*

Investment Professionals


Fund Managed:

1290 Diversified Bond Fund

Firm Overview:

Brandywine believes in the power of value investing. Acting with conviction and discipline, they look beyond short-term, conventional thinking to rigorously pursue long-term value for their clients. Where others see risk, they see potential.

Since 1986, the firm's global experience has provided clients with investment insights and a range of differentiated fixed income, equity, and alternative solutions. They thrive in a culture of debate that encourages ideas, respects diverse viewpoints, and invites candid discussion. By challenging one another and conventional thinking, they make better investment decisions and create value for their clients.

  • Brandywine Global is a focused boutique supported by Franklin Templeton Investments, one of the world’s largest money managers.
  • The firm believes passionate people and grounded investment philosophy makes Brandywine Global exceptional.
  • Brandywine's mission to seek value not yet recognized by others is the core principle behind their work, and is reflected in their strategies and day-to-day decision making process.

*AUM and Investment Professionals as of 12/31/2020